With the past two episodes of AoS proving that the show has finally (FINALLY) found its voice amidst the grumble of disgruntled fans, episode nineteen promises to be a continuation of form. April 22nd’s episode is titled”The Only Light in the Darkness” and features the long-awaited appearance of Coulson’s love interest referenced no fewer than three times in The Avengers, “The Cellist.” Amy Acker will play Coulson’s go-to gal who I can only guess is this “light in the darkness” (for Coulson anyway), and, if the poster’s any indication, we’re in for some good old-fashioned drama. I hope the show doesn’t steer too hard into MELOdrama, but we are talking TV here… A boy can dream, can’t he?

Feast your eyes on artist/animator Pascal Campion’s work:



Are you tuning in this Earth Day for some Marvel action?

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