Can’t wait til Spidey returns to the big screen in May? Well, start clearing memory on your phone right now. Gameloft recently debuted its new trailer for its adaptation of the feature film The Amazing Spider-Man 2. This preview brings to mind the Spider-man adaptations made by Activision for the original films. This version is made for iPhone and Android users, while there will be other adaptations available for console users.  If this mobile game can come close to the open-world, free-flow swinging dynamics of those earlier console games… you might see a lot more people running into parking meters while playing on their phones.



Game Informer reports that we will be seeing more villains than are included in the feature film, including Venom and Kraven the Hunter. Black Cat is in the game and it has already been confirmed that her alter-ego, Felicity Hardy, will be in the film played by Felicity Jones. (Yes they have the same first name. And yes the director’s name is Marc Webb…We couldn’t make this stuff up…) Could this be a hint at what characters are to come? Very exciting to speculate! The Amazing Spider Man 2 mobile game will be hitting your phones April 17th and The Amazing Spider Man 2 film (check out stills and a cool featurette) will be in theaters May 2nd.



Yea he uses Old Spice


Let us know if the game is any good!



Truly amazing graphics for a phone!


SOURCE: Gameloft and Game Informer


-Braxter Timberlake-