The sudden appearance of the most mutated ninjas in town a couple weeks ago sent waves of discontent and, for some, excitement through the interwebs. Platinum Dunes is following that frenzy of feedback with pretty badass teaser posters featuring each turtle’s hand and their weapon of choice accompanied by helpful colored mist in case we forgot whose color is whose. It’s a smart choice on the filmmakers part to give the community delightfully basic promotional materials. And considering Mikey and Leo have never looked meaner or uglier than they do in the trailer, it’s good to keep controversy off the posters.

Speaking of which, the lack of character faces in these posters gives Platinum Dunes a bit of leeway should they decide to change the character models a bit based on audience reaction. Reshoots are underway for much of the cast, and the voices of both Leo and Splinter have been recast, so pretty much anything is possible at this point. We’ll have a better idea about what to expect once the second trailer drops. Until then, weapon posters will have to tide us over.

Check the posters out below!

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Does these guys adjust your excitement level at all for August?

via Schmoesknow and Screenrant


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