Marvel Studios continues their streak of box office dominance with their latest release Captain America: The Winter Solider. Buoyed by stellar reviews, the sequel pulled in over $96 million dollars in its opening weekend. The film opened internationally a couple of weeks ago and has pulled in over $300 million worldwide to date. That is more than the entire domestic gross of Captain America: The First Avenger. Marvel’s business model of a shared cinematic universe (MCU) is hitting on all cylinders, resulting in an avalanche of profits with each successive release. Noah had a huge drop-off in its second week of release bringing in about $17 million. Divergent crossed the $100 million mark this past week and brought in another $13 million to round out the top three for the weekend. Check out how the top ten movies fared over the 4/4-4/6 weekend:


This Week Movie
Weekend Gross # of Theaters Theater Average Weeks Released Total Gross
1 Captain America: The Winter Soldier $96.20M 3938 $24,429 1 $96.20M
2 Noah $17.00M 3571 $4,761 2 $72.34M
3 Divergent $13.00M 3631 $3,580 3 $114.03M
4 God’s Not Dead $7.73M 1758 $4,395 3 $32.52M
5 The Grand Budapest Hotel $6.30M 1263 $4,988 5 $33.38M
6 Muppets Most Wanted $6.29M 3052 $2,059 3 $42.14M
7 Mr. Peabody & Sherman $5.30M 2931 $1,808 5 $102.20M
8 Sabotage $1.91M 2486 $767 2 $8.77M
9 Need For Speed $1.84M 1779 $1,032 4 $40.84M
10 Non-Stop $1.83M 1724 $1,060 6 $88.14M


Next week the horror movie Oculus, the kids animated sequel Rio 2, and the NFL drama Draft Day (read our review) all open. Will the Captain stay in first? See you next week with all the results!


SOURCES: Fandango


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