Actor Hugh Jackman has been playing Wolverine for 14 years on-screen and does not look to be tiring. His passion for the character and the X-Men universe is commendable and infectious. Digital Spy has an excellent clip in which Jackman breaks down the latest trailer to X-Men: Days of Future Past. He offers some great insight on the mechanics of film and lets some really cool details slip, including exactly how the time-travel mechanics work. Check it out here:



So it seems that the time-travelling is done in the mind, not necessarily physically, which is a fantastic concept. The fact that Wolverine is over a hundred years old offers a lot of opportunities for fun. In addition Jackman let it slip that part of his mission is to stop Mystique, Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence (Hunger Games), from accomplishing her mission. Which is probably a political assassination, judging by the source material and the brief glimpses we get of her in France in the trailer. It should be fun to see those two spar on the screen.



SOURCES: Digital Spy and CBM


-Braxter Timberlake-