This featurette, which originally appeared in the special features of the 2004 Star Wars Trilogy DVD release, has been making its glorious rounds on the interwebs since it was posted to the official Star Wars YouTube channel, and we figured we’d jump in on the action. The short video delves into the origins of the universe’s arguably most badass weapon, featuring interviews with the man himself, George Lucas; the Jedi like his father before him, Mark Hamill; and the man partially responsible for everything vital to the success of the original films, Ben Burtt, the sound guy.

Love him or hate him, George Lucas dreamed up one of the most enduring fantasy worlds in cinematic history, and hearing him talk about the lightsaber is fascinating. Empire Strikes Back was no accident, let’s put it that way.

Ingenuity didn’t stop with the Father of the Force, though, as Ben Burtt—gods bless him—brought the lightsaber into our hearts with the hum and buzz that would fill the dreams of many generations of movie-goers.

Check it out. Let us know what you think!



Kurt Wooden