Actor Chadwick Boseman is having a great couple of years. It began last year when he starred alongside Harrison Ford as Jackie Robinson, in the well received biopic 42. He will be seen next month in the Kevin Costner-led NFL drama Draft Day. Then he will be portraying the legendary soul singer James Brown in the upcoming biopic, Get On Up. So Boseman is no stranger to portraying iconic figures on the big screen. Now he wants to throw on a cape and battle evil. (A natural progession in our opinion.) Here is a excerpt from an interview he did with Blackfilm:


Could you see yourself playing Black Panther?

Chadwick Boseman: I could see myself doing anything in terms of comic book, action, or anything like that. Black Panther, in particular, I’m not going to answer that.

If not, then which character?

CB: Let me put to you this way. If it’s character driven, I’ll do it. As long as it’s character driven, I would love to do it. If it’s just you in a suit and you with powers, then it doesn’t interest me, no matter how big it is. As long as it’s character driven, I’m totally into it. If they could figure out how to do Black Panther and make it fit the original or adapt to the times we’re in now and be new and innovative and be character driven and has the sense of what the comic book is supposed to be, but not bound by it, then yes, of course, I would want to do it.


Clearly Boseman has something to protect if he doesnt want to talk about Black Panther “in particular.” Early negotiations perhaps? There has been reports of Marvel’s interest in Boseman since last year according to Latino Review, so the two sides at least casually talking isn’t far fetched. In addition, diversity has not been a hallmark of the cinematic interpretation of The Avengers. It may be that they are making progress on bringing the character to the big screen that was first hinted at in Iron Man 2.


See that highlight on Africa? That's Wakanda...Black Panther's kingdom.

Yup, that’s Wakanda on the map in the background


Black Panther has a pivotal role in the Marvel universe and lore, whose effects can be already felt in the cinematic universe. The fictional African country that he governs, Wakanda, is seemingly tribal and primitive. However, it holds the most advanced technology that Earth can muster. And while they don’t typically build robots, their science aptitude rivals that of Tony Stark’s. The unbreakable shield that Captain America wields is made from one of the strongest elements in the Marvel Universe, vibranium, which is only found in Wakanda. He is an early member of the comic book Avengers as well. Becoming a member only after infiltrating the group to see the limits of the powers and their true intentions. (That’s very Batman/Justice League of him.) So there are endless opportunities for ways to insert him in to the Marvel cinematic universe.


That dude is quick!


There are films dates and slots held by Marvel Studios for the next few years, however there is no official Black Panther film on the slate. There have been noted challenges to producing the film, the most glaring issue would be to not disrespect or marginalize any race, African history and/or culture. It is very difficult balancing act and may explain why other films have made it down the pipeline first. It is encouraging to see movement on the project in any case and we will keep you up to date on the progress as it develops.



SOURCES: Blackfilm and Latino Review


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