The latest trailer of Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past has blasted its way onto the Internet. Audiences are treated to some quality action shots—which have been pretty scarce, if completely absent over the past few months—including Ice Man doing what fanboys and fangirls have been raging for him to do since his first (dull) appearance in Bryan Singer’s original X-Men. Watch for Fox’s version of Quicksilver (played by American Horror Story‘s Evan Peters) to zip by on-screen.

Oh, and Colossus makes a shiny appearance as well. Eat your heart out, Sentinels!


The trailer, though, doesn’t do much to ease tensions among skeptics still hurting from X-Men: The Last Stand. It all comes down to the script: has Singer made himself another X2? Once the film hits theaters on May 23rd, all will be revealed. And you can count on a review from your intrepid Point of Geekers!

Take a look:


Ninja Sentinels? Huh. Well, what do YOU think?


Kurt Wooden