Marvel’s ‘Assembling a Universe’ TV special, which aired last night, brought many glad tidings in the form of designs of several new characters from the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron. Both Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver have been confirmed additions to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes for months now, but we have yet to catch a glimpse of the brother-sister duo in all that time, until now. Without further ado:





The designs fit well into the universe Marvel Studios has crafted over the past 6 years because they are simple, utilitarian, and call back to the characters’ comicbook costumes softly but obviously. Scarlet Witch’s outfit is a VAST improvement for obvious reasons, i.e. she’s actually wearing clothes, which makes this writer breathe a little easier. Granted, we were never concerned that Joss Whedon would throw Elizabeth Olsen into anything like Scarlet Witch’s skimpy, cheek-reddening outfit of yesteryear. Quicksilver’s design hearkens back to the tight blue jumpsuit of the character’s earliest designs, but, without the giant white lightning bolt down the front, this outfit puts function ahead of fashion.

There’s also the small matter of Tony Stark’s Hulkbuster being revealed.




In the comics, the armor was built as a kind of fail safe against the Hulk at his grumpiest, the building of which Bruce Banner had no knowledge of. In the MCU, however, it’s possible that Banner and Stark design and construct the Hulkbuster together as a super team of super smarties. It’s easy to imagine Banner asking Stark to build a machine to stop the Hulk in case his constant anger gets the better of him. But wasn’t Banner able to control the Hulk by the end of the Avengers? Or does his control over the greener side of his personality have boundaries? These are questions that Avengers 2 will likely shed a bit of light on.

Well, what do you think?

via Marvel and Screen Rant


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