It was a steady weekend at the movies with all major films taking a slice of the box-office pie. Mr. Peabody & Sherman showed some holding power by moving from its second place debut last week, to first place this weekend, hauling in over $21 million. The resurgence of the movie is a good sign that audiences are pleased with the film and an indication that it will have legs on Blu-Ray and DVD. Dreamworks released Need For Speed this past weekend as well. It’s the feature adaptation of the popular street racing video game starring Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul. It debuted in third place in its opening weekend with $17 million, adding another video game movie adaptation to the long list of previous of disappointments. 300: Rise of the Empire dropped off by a little more than 50% from the previous week pulling in a little over $19 million. Tyler Perry’s newest offering, The Single Moms Club, is one of his worst openings ever with an anemic $8 million opening weekend. Don’t be surprised if we see his character, Madea, pop up in the next Perry film to boost sales. Here are the entire box office results for the weekend of March 14-17th, 2014:

This Week Movie
Weekend Gross Weeks Released Total Gross
1 Mr. Peabody & Sherman $21.20M 2 $63.18M
2 300: Rise of an Empire $19.11M 2 $78.31M
3 Need For Speed $17.81M 1 $17.81M
4 Non-Stop $10.60M 3 $68.79M
5 The Single Moms Club $8.30M 1 $8.30M
6 The LEGO Movie $7.71M 6 $236.93M
7 Son of God $5.40M 3 $50.87M
8 The Grand Budapest Hotel $3.64M 2 $4.78M
9 Frozen (2013) $2.12M 17 $396.36M
10 Veronica Mars $2.02M 1 $2.02M



And yes, that is Aaron Paul on the Price is Right. Don’t feel bad for him after this weekend. The guy is living a charmed life!

What did you check out over the weekend?

SOURCE: Fandango

-Braxter Timberlake-