Heroes star Adrian Pasdar, aka on-again/off-again hero/villain Nathan Petrelli, will join Coulson and the other agents of 616 on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as Colonel Glenn Talbot. Pasdar is no stranger to playing a wayward, mostly unlikeable fellow with a precious few redemptive qualities, so he can certainly fill the Army greens of a guy whose life’s purpose is to hunt the Hulk. Casting this character in particular opens up some interesting Marvel Cinematic Universe cross-over space considering Talbot’s history with Bruce Banner and his angry alter ego. All I know is with a mustache like that, all supers better watch their backs.


“My mustache is gonna need some back-up, NOW!”

Pasdar has done work with Marvel in the past, lending his voice to The Super Hero Squad ShowHulk and the Agents of SMASH, the Black Panther animated series, among others. The Heroes star has confirmed that he’ll appear of AoS multiple times, but will he return for the Heroes miniseries? When Point of Geeks knows, so will you.

What do you think of the casting?

via The Mary Sue