The publicity wheels have begun to turn for fans of DC on television. The newest property being prepped for a fall premiere is Arrow spin-off, The Flash. Fans already got a few episodes on Arrow to acquaint themselves with Grant Gustin, the actor who is portraying comic book character Barry Allen and the one day Flash. Allen’s fateful accident, which is the genesis of his superpowers, was already explored leaving the series off and running (sorry I couldn’t resist) when it starts in the fall.


In the meantime, CW and Warner Bros. have been slowly leaking tidbits of information about the direction that the show is looking to take. Last week they released the first publicity shot of Gustin’s face in-costume (The Flash Revealed). Today they released a full body shot of the suit “in motion.” It is very much in line with the kevlar or meshed fabric look of modern-day cinematic costumes seen in such movies as The Dark Knight and Man of Steel. It seems practical, flexible and easy to run in, so on the surface it seems the production design is off to a good start. 


Let us know how you feel about the suit! Will you be tuning in this fall?

-Braxter Timberlake-