For years, the big-screen adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s fiercely imaginative Sandman series has been stuck in “development Hell,” a place where nascent movies go to die. It seems though that Warner Bros. and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (10 Things I Hate About YouLooper, The Dark Knight Rises) are pulling an Orpheus, though, and are venturing into the horrid place to find their Sandman-themed Eurydice. With JGL on board as producer (and as director and star, I’m sure), and Jack Thorne in the writer’s chair, Neil Gaiman’s Morpheus may be finally making his macabre way to the silver screen. Neil himself had a few words to say about all of this:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, of all people, is an enormous ‘Sandman’ fan. He and David Goyer talked about it, they’ve come up, I believe, with a treatment of what they want the story of the first movie to be. They are talking to an incredible writer [Jack Thorne], who I coincidentally already knew, because he did the movie script for ‘The Ocean at the End of the Lane,’ so I’ve met him and loved his treatment of my work. And Wednesday afternoon I will be spending with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and talking ‘Sandman!’ That’s pretty much everything I know. Now you know as much as I know.

We certainly do, Neil, and it isn’t nearly enough!

Stay tuned for more Sandman news as it creeps its way into our dreams, or, more likely, the internet.

via: CBR

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