This past fall, Marvel Studios announced a revolutionary television deal in partnership with Netflix. The deal involves four of  Marvel’s properties, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Jessica Jones getting their own respective 13 episode runs before culminating in an Avengers style team-up entitled, The Defenders. All four series are going to take place and shoot on-location, in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen, staying true to their comic book roots. Drew Goddard (Lost, Alias) has been officially tapped to write and direct the Daredevil series (Variety reports Goddard to write/direct ‘Daredevil’ pilot). There are heavy rumors that Twilight’s Melissa Rosenberg will be handling the Jessica Jones duties. However all four projects have been very secretive about the direction that they are going with casting and tone.

In an interview with Collider, Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor Terry Crews recently expressed interest in playing the man endowed with super-human strength and nearly impervious skin, Luke Cage.  He explains that he had actually been approached previously but pulled himself out of the running.

“Actually I took myself out of the Luke Cage running a while back, just because it was people trying to put people against each other.  [It was] Idris vs. Michael Jai and I’m like, ‘Wait a minute, this is not even greenlit!  Can we talk to Marvel?  Why are you talking to me? Don’t put me against my homeboy for a movie that’s not existing.’ …I heard [it’s greenlit] but I haven’t gotten any calls.  I’ve been hearing stuff like, ‘oh you’re too old,’ and I’m like, ‘Man do my workout 20 years ago and we’ll talk about who’s too old (laughs). Like I said, anything can happen, I never rule anything out.  I’m game.  There are no rules.  What’s up, Marvel?  I’m right here, baby.  I ain’t goin nowhere. You know where I live!”

There is no doubt that Crews has the look, charisma and ability to successfully pull off the role convincingly. In addition, he has the presence to shift from television to the big screen with ease. So if Marvel ever did chose to involve him in a big screen adventure, such as an Avengers sequel, he would fit in well. His age, 45, may  be a detriment but that didn’t stop Marvel from casting Robert Downey Jr years ago either. Crews is simply throwing his name in the hat, but it will be of interest to see what direction the Netflix project takes. They have the chance to finally stretch the Marvel brand and tell more street-level, gritty stories while still keeping their overall continuity intact. We will soon see if they grasp the opportunity.

top-50-avengers_luke-cage Terry Crews Promotes "Gamer" with a Memorabilia Donation Ceremony at Planet Hollywood in New York on August 11, 2009

Naw…we can’t see the resemblance…

FUN FACT: Nicolas Kim Coppola, better known as Nicolas Cage, changed his last name after being inspired by the Marvel character! Weird…


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