In this 36-minute video, John Campea hosts a live question/answer barrage with star(lord) Chris Pratt, director James Gunn, and Marvel Cinematic Universe maestro Kevin Doesn’t-Rhyme-with-“Beige” Feige regarding Marvel Studio’s big summer release, Guardians of the Galaxy. Feige drops some pretty tantalizing tidbits about how this movie might fit into the wider MCU, while Chris Pratt jollily answers softball questions all day long. And, of course, it’s always a pleasure to see the Slither director wax poetic about one of Marvel’s most alien (see what I did there?) properties to Marvel fandom at large. And you gotta love how many questions concern the incredible trailer that blew up the internet a few weeks ago.

Let the video play in the background while you’re washing dishes if you don’t have 30 minutes to devote to the YouTube Gods.

via: AMC Theatres

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