With a dearth of news about Zack Snyder’s STILL untitled Batman/Superman picture, the film’s costume designer drops some interesting tid-bits about his (and presumably Zack Snyder’s) design of the Queen of the Amazon’s costume for her first-ever outing on the silver screen.

When asked if it would be realistic for Wonder Woman to be fighting crime in an outfit we typically see her in, the American Hustle designer responded:

“Absolutely! I mean you just have to look at the gladiators from ancient Rome: they did their thing in little loin cloths, and a spear, and a shield…”

To which I responded with a tremendous sigh. I’m fine with Wonder Woman’s skin showing, but the fact is that she is a heavy lifter for the Justice League and her costume should reflect that by avoiding any cheap exploitation tricks, like, say, loin cloths for the women, while the men wear full-body armor because the males making the movie decided that it “makes sense.” And God help him if Snyder pans the camera up and down Gal Gadot’s figure.

In this the heyday of superhero flicks, no female superhero has gotten a fair shake—no solo films, no essential roles—even while characters with less clout get solos (Ant-Man comes to mind). And Wonder Woman, arguably one of the most powerful, influential, and most sacred modern mythological figures of our time, is stuck into a Superman sequel as her first-ever appearance in theaters.

There’s still time to right the course and give any number of the HUGE stockpile of wonderful (pun intended) female superheroes their time in the sun, so here’s to hoping this movie, most importantly, treats Wonder Woman as she deserves to be treated: with love, loyalty, and without high-heels.

Tangent complete.

Watch Michael Wilkinson speak on Diana’s duds below:

Kurt Wooden