Please, for the love of all geekery in the vast Kingdom of Geekropolis, watch this trailer. Watch this trailer and swoon. Netflix and Lucasfilm promise droids, clones, the return of Qui-Gon, and utter Yoda-themed badassery in its first full-length trailer for The Clone Wars: The Lost Missions. I, for one, am full of questions about the series, and I’m sitting—pretty much literally—on the edge of my seat for this one. Who’s the hard-core Jedi with the gelled up dreads? Why isn’t Yoda my best friend already? Was that a green cloudsaber? What the hell’s a cloudsaber? Sith Balrogs?!

I may be irrationally excited about this—as I tend to be about most things Star Wars—but, based on this footage and what we’ve heard so far about the series tying up loose plot points from the original Clone Wars show, Netflix and Lucasfilm have given us something pretty special to dump our excess voltage into as we anticipate the seventh installment in one of the greatest film franchises in history.

Watch every episode of The Clone Wars in a senseless marathon (Don’t worry, I’ll be doing the same) on Netflix beginning March 7th.

Kurt Wooden