2015 is shaping up to be the unofficial Year of the Geek with yet another exciting bit of television scheduled to drop on us at the height of our pre-Star-Wars frenzy. Heroes is getting the reboot treatment and returning to NBC with a new cast of super-powered characters. The show’s first season was, in this writer’s opinion, an incredibly fun and bold leap into the utter strangeness of comic book heroics whose story unfolded tightly and took pains to develop each character as thoroughly as possible. The results were ridiculously entertaining. Oh, and Zachary Quinto as the Big Bad? Yes, please. But from the very inception of the second season (see the  Season 2 teaser at the close of Season 1’s finale), the show lost much of its heart along with its critical acclaim.

But now Tim Kring, the show’s producer, promises a return to form for the show. The 13-episode cap is a step in the right direction, as it will limit the number of uninteresting (and, frankly, boring) tangents the show seemed to take its characters on in its final seasons. Kring also hinted at the idea of members of the original cast returning for a repeat ride on the superhero train. Rest-assured you’ll have my point of geek on this as the story develops.

Are you excited to see Hiro back in action (potentially)? Let us know!

Kurt Wooden